Friday, 12 December 2008

My comments on Why I Love Twitter - O'Reilly Radar

Why I Love Twitter - O'Reilly Radar

Great post Tim, 

one of the few best ones I have come across in the past two weeks of reactivating my twitter account after 1.5years absence.  

can't write better than you  

Key Question is that this seems to be the accepted 'normal' usage of twitter, one of the reason I never blogged was due to wanting to keep my personal information private. Power of twitter as I see it is 'concise micro-blogging', which saves me time as I don't have time to wade through all the Blogs and comments of the multiple sectors that I follow.  

But twitter enables me to follow people's updates/news stories in a condensed timeframe (am still trying to find what is optimal). and can delve into it when there is time. However, what you have not touched on is how/whether for people like me that would like to extend my business relationships/friendships but in a managable scale, as I generally focus on B2B, therefore, keeping up relationships with multiple contacts with key organisations across multiple sectors is already too much let alone another few thousands if not multiple tens of thousands of contacts.  

If Twitter or the derivation of it could cater for people like me, it would be brilliant, one key aspects would be how I keep my feed private and yet can elect certain posts to be public. this should be achievable!? then, and most likely only then, would a good percentage of the mass market would signup and contribute in a 'perceived safer and more private environment'..  

Just my thoughts at the moment.  


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