Sunday, 11 May 2008

All the DAZE - Toddler Resources

All the DAZE - Toddler Resources

This is one of the better resources that should come with our kids..

its rather interesting and should help.

Longevity of success: CXO vs Artistic Talents

Finally, I chose to rest and not work/plan things last night. Whilst I was watching a couple of old programs (from last year) produced by RTHK (Hong Kong's equivalent of BBC) on the undying longevity of singer/ song writers coming from the ex British territory like Danny Chan, Lead singer of Beyond etc.

Surprising fact is that their brilliance and talent is even more revered and recognised once they are gone (both died young!).. Although, when they were alive, the public did appreciate them but not nearly as much as when they are gone!

It dawned on me that its a bit reverse in the business world, when the "star" business man/enterpreneur are usually only respected and liked whilst they are STILL at the top.. rather than when they become an "ex-certain company", but of course, if they were "poached", then that would be very different! Of course, as a multi-millionaire ex-any company would also get much attention (both good & bad!)

Rarely do one have likes of Sage of ohmaha Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs/Bill Gates/ that seems to be constantly at the very top... They are like "Ironman" of the business world!

But still, in many ways, it also surprises me that there are quite a few top CEOs/Managing partners of major corporations and even VCs/PE funds, that I was in touch with seem to reckon that they are like the forementioned Ironman, and can do no wrong, and in many ways could verge on becoming cocky and sometimes too full of themselves (both internally & externally).

Its usually these people that would tell me later that that they would like to get involve with my CXO network (as they lost their job!) and sadly by then due to not qualify, and their previous personality, I could not let them in...
Although I would still do my best to make some introductions which may help their endeavour.

Of course, its different for those that were already part of our network as we have a special program called "senior officer in transition" that they can join and should help in some ways to get them placed again.

This maybe a bit different for the talented Artists, which we as consumers can see, where they rarely like madonna that could stay on top by keep on re-inventing herself...

Key to success may seem to be different from the creative/artistic talents' perspective, as its about creating an artistic product(s), be it film, theatre, music or creating arts ... Which in many ways is under control of the artist themselves...

However, we have seen that the advent of technologies which accelerates globalisation and "reach" of product & services, means that previous "niches" or "indie" types has now geniunely somehow become less niche but mass market!

Combined with some business and street smart, artists could become business man (may need less 'hits') and move to production/business side.

And business man like steve jobs (or I would argue that he's more like an artist) can create something new using his vision and consequently create new markets and following...

Key however is the innovations and humbleness that we can and should try to adopt.

Let we all try to become the next generation of "artist businessman".

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