Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Networking for success, where to start?

Well, my first post to my blog focusing on networking, its business networking, not IT networking. This blog purely is for me to jot down my thought as I see it now from my point of view, so, it might be wrong from your point of view. People might not agree with my thinking, but I guess diversity brings opportunities. We might not admit to it, we are all continuously learning, especially me, so, welcome your feedback suggestions either here or via email (gareth[at]

There is only one certainty, there is no right or wrong way to network. Well, one could argue that being controversial and sometimes rude should be a definite no-no, but we can just only look with Envy with the amount of money and success the 'shock jock' Howard stern is earning! OK, he is not doing that in the networking environment (does he? pls tell me if you have met him in private!), but he ids doing that in public!!

So, therefore, one may argue that like everything in life, each person just have to find the approach and style they are comfortable with. Probably start by asking themselves:

1.) what they aim to achieve out of it (business networking),
2.) their own capital (family background, good looks, talent, expertise, humour, wealth, or indeed whom they represent, or know?),
3.) whom they want to meet,
4.) what value they might bring to those people in the hope that the favour could be returned
and work it from there
5.) manage own expectation, as networking is for life, not when you 'need' it, as by then, its too late, and you don't and would not have the network to support you. Question is: would you have the time/energy/commitment? if not, do not start!

However, I firmly believe that finding and nurturing 'trusted' relationship is the crux of networking. Which means one would really need to know one self best before going out to network! As nothing is worst when people ask you what you do, and you start trying to make it up as you go along. or probably the worst answer of all: 'not sure'!

"Not sure" is an OK answer for good friends, but not whilst you network with people that you are not familiar with. Nor those that you want to keep in touch for the weeks/months/years to come.

Therefore, in order to network successfully, FIRST: one need to take stock of one's position, successes, failures, goals, assets (intellectual, looks, network or achievements in different sectors or quantifiable talents).

Next is to choose where to network! More later.