Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Business school networking

The target audience of this post is for fellow MBAs of City/Cass Business School. 

Not having been an entrepreneur that long (only since 2002), but I have learnt many lessons, and one key one is to 'network' and build up a trusted network of contacts. It's corny but it is really "who" you know, in times more important than 'what' you know. 

Speaking from experience, I have founded a few initiatives for the senior executives cross sectors (CXO Europe/Asia), for the gaming gambling world (Gambit non profit special interest group, Gaming Money Summit at the London Stock Exchange) and also E/MBA club offline gatherings for City/Cass MBAs (+ online exclusive group where despite not being the 'official' community, we have now close to 800 people worldwide!)

It frustrates me when I see more top guys & girls that only join the network (on-line or offline) when they wanted the support of the network, but sadly I have to say, it is too late, when you are NOT the CEO/MD of a multi-national or major firm.  

It is sadly the human nature, if you can't spare the time to sow seeds, it maybe difficult to harvest as no crops. 

Therefore, please do it like other top guys, like those that already support and speak or attend top events at City/Cass or in more exclusive/private gatherings of E/MBA club.  (e.g. CEO of SG Hambros, MD of AON, President of Shell SA, MD Taylor's Port etc.)

or just click through and join the private network on LinkedIn (the one I founded), and most importantly update your details on the City/cass website.  It takes only seconds, well few minutes the most. 

I can tell you, there are some pretty great offline gatherings I am putting together for 2009, from 'business of olympics' to "business of Internet", as we have done before, it will be best place to stimulate your mind, build new or renew existing trusted relationships! 

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