Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My thoughts of Pros & Cons of 10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save You From Getting Fired

10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save You From Getting Fired

I network quite extensively, and in fact prefer to be private person. However, as an entrepreneur, one will have to get ourselves out there.  
Another view point I might add if its ok is also the 'balance', one need to be VERY careful of how much you 'want to give', I have come to a point where my database is now 15,000+, close to 2000+ contacts on linkedIn (mostly senior people) plus I am still meeting more people..  
challenge now is how can I stay polite and tell people that want to/are meeting me that I really don't have enough capacity (frequently) to give them the time that they deserve without sounding rude?  
Also, another challenge is that I would prefer my life to be private, as its fine being recognised, and all, but I don't want average joe also know about my life and come up & know everything about me!?  

And also, the ship is now sailed and challenge is how to keep it sailing with the right purpose to get enough value to help ourselves and our cause(s).  

Good article but approach with care and should develop a 'STRATEGIC Plan' of how to manage the growth, as no doubt NOT everyone want to be a Robert Scoble.  

Reverse of that is also true, namely, outside of Tech media, Robert might not be that famous, because in Telecom B2C, Finance, Insurance, Gaming gambling, he is NOT known (in my circle anyway), so, its brilliant that when I started using twitter finally in the last two weeks, I only then realise what the fuss was about when his account was closed on FaceBook.. didn't have time then nor now to look up the reasons but that illustrate another point. your strategy above mostly work within the Tech/media/PR sector (B2C??) that are linked by bloggers etc.  

Therefore, one should look at what are the influencer/networks compare to what they want to achieve in the short/medium/long term. I have not checked the grammar etc. above, hope this make sense.  
@garethwong (my twitter feed is private & twitter need 2 improve on privacy protection on the system).

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