Friday, 14 August 2009

My comments on Strategy is the key / we are social

Strategy is the key / we are social

good post thanks.

I do go to spain (Madrid/barcelona) few times a year for mostly non Web2.0 business (finance/insurance/remote gaming/& networking with top CXOs)

my limited observation is that the 'culture' is very different.

there are still limited number of people walking around with ipod yet, and people are still enjoying chats at the jamon bar/pubs

and most importantly, they READ on the train, in shades (where ever you can find) etc. proof:

I don't spend enough time there to know what people in private lives in front of the computer, but I also know another fact that they are in fact not technophobic, as a lot of non spainish don't know, spain and portugal is one of the most advanced EU country which people transact not on pc/mobile/tv but via bank's ATM.

So, in short, adapt to the local culture/habits, Web2.0 will still be applicable but maybe not as we know it in rest of europe or even the world.


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